BI Insurance

Claims module

Effective claim handling process is a straight forward way to customers’ satisfaction as well as possibility to minimize handling costs, that’s why module keeps in focus claims process analysis. BI Insurance Claims module additionally to analytical claim handling process support offers framework for claim activity monitoring as well as standard reports for reserving (claim triangulation and reserve run-off analysis) and for reinsurers, supervisory institutions (loss, risk profile).

Using Claims module claim manager will:

  • control claims handling process – measured (spending in time and cash) claim handling process steps will enable to make an optimisation of the process;
  • control of work load & quality of claim handling departments or separate handlers;
  • access claims statistics using ‘time-rollback’ feature (e.g. what was the situation at the end of last year?).

Using Claims module actuary will easily:

  • prepare data sets for claim triangulation (big claims, cases handled to zero may be included or excluded, flexible definition of risk segments is available – reserves has to be calculated not only for the separate business line, but for the separate risk segments under Solvency II regime);
  • prepare standard reports (e.g. profit-loss account of single business line) for supervisory institutions;
  • perform early identification on changes in claim development pattern.

Using Claims module reinsurance specialist will prepare:

  • split of the insurance contract portfolio according underwriting years for the monitoring of the financial results;
  • list of large claim together with the evolution of such a claim over the years;
  • risk profile for identification of the risks assumed;
  • loss profile for the prediction of the loss ratio.